Live Sessions

For my website slaves I'm also offering live sessions. Experience how I'm going to use and humiliate you. You'll be my living seatpad, worship my feet and if you're not doing it properly you'll get punished as well.

I prefer:

  • Foot domination
  • Facesitting
  • Trampling
  • Faceslapping
  • Spitting

In a live session I make the rules. Of course you'll be allowed to wish for something - but I decide what I do! You should be fully aware - I'm the mistress and you'll do whatever I demand. When I tell you to lick my feet, you'll do just that! I'll not discuss anything with a submissive pig!

Live sessions are available from 1 hour. Either in a hotel or in a studio in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Worn stuff from your goddess

Worn stuff from your goddess

Old stinky socks? Worn underwear? My worn-out sneakers? My thong after the fitness workout?

You want to feel near me and start by being my smelling slave? Everything I want to get rid off is just good enough for you. For slave members I offer the opportunity to contact me. Do you like a special pair of pants, socks or shoes from one of my sessions? Ask me about it, maybe I'll consider selling it to a loser like you!

I'm already picturing you - jerking off, pressing my stinky socks on your nose while you watch my videos. That turns you on, doesn't it?