About me

I'm Lady Sue - and from now on your first thought in the morning and the last thought before you go to sleep!

Your destiny is to serve me - and I'll forge you to my wishing and make you a good slave.

I'm an alpha woman and of course I've both feet on the ground. I love to model, love erotic and live with my potent lover. So ... if you thought there'd ever be more than mistress and slave - forget about it - you and me - we'll never be more than mistress and slave!

On my website you'll find photos and videos with me. You get to see how it's like to be humiliated and used by me. In some videos I even address you directly and you'll do whatever I command you to. You'll only jerk off to my command from now on and only when I allow you to!

I also enjoy live sessions and I'd love to rest my feet on your face. Of course - only if you're brave enough! If you're not - you can buy my worn underwear or stinky socks for starters. This way you'll slowly get more and more addicted to me!

I don't care if you're a real slave, a money slave or a foot slave - I love every way of dominating men!

I'm also offering live sessions in and around Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany.

I prefer:

  • Foot domination
  • Facesitting
  • Trampling
  • Faceslapping
  • Spitting

Contacting me is reserved for my website slaves - so you'll have to sign up for a membership to contact me - prove that you really want it!

So, finally do something productive and sign up as my slave!