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Hey, my little licking slave... are you already staring at my feet...!? Then soon you are going to lick the soles of my shoes clean again! My high heels are soo dirty right now and so you will have to do a very good job... but of course that's not everything I want you to do today! You also have to smell my sweaty shoes... and lick my bare feet too! Take every little toe deep inside your mouth and suck all of them absolutely clean! You will intensively take care of my feet today and serve me until I'm satisfied...!
Your stupid wife will be fucked really hard when you read this! But of course it's not your dick inside her pussy because you have to watch my hot clip instead...! You prefer to listen to every nasty detail I'm going to tell you about the rock hard dick of her lover inside her, don't you...!? But that's all right, there is absolutely nothing you could do with your dick... except of following my hot jerk-off instruction while you are allowed to glance at my sexy ass! I'm sure you'll never forget this clip...!
It's time to spoil my feet again, so I call my submissive slave to do the job. Let's see if he's good enough! He has to kiss my high heels, before I order him to take them off my feet so that he can worship them that way. He shall kiss my soles and then lick my feet completely to refresh the soft skin. Woe betide him in case he forgets to kiss my sweet toes, too... But I'm impressed, he does his job well and I enjoy his work to the fullest. He worships my feet in the best way a footslave could do and even coddles the skin between my toes.
This little loser already's lying and waiting for me on the cold floor. I put on my wedgies for him to make him familiar with them and how they feel on his body! My sexy shoes are brutally painful on his naked chest, as I walk around on his body. The more my sweet loser's suffering, the more fun I get! Later on I decide to take off my shoes and trample him with my naked feet. I increase the intensity of pain by jumping on him and standing on his head with my whole weight. He shall feel the cruel dimensions of my power!
Hey little prick, listen to me now. Take your pants down and listen to my jerkoff instruction, whitch you will accomplish in time! I count down from 9 to zero, only then you'll be allowed to shoot your load. You will grab your tiny dick and start wanking, loser! Meanwhile you'll watch my hot ass and make it your inspiration! But listen to the countdown carefully! 'Cause you'll get your orgasm at ZERO and none second earlier! Grab your dick hard now, and start to shake your eggs like there's no tomorrow! It drives you crazy to wait for it, but it makes you incomparably horny!

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